• Music for It’s About Time has been chosen to illustrate the many definitions of “time.” It showcases the works of many different composers, and includes selections appropriate for both secular and religious occasions.

    These are but a sampling of how “time” is evident in our selections:

  • Time for fun with accidentals, techniques, rhythmic changes, metre changes
  • Time for contemplation and the gentle time of a day spent on the water
  • Time for Jazz or Swing
  • Time to think of our relations with Indigenous peoples
  • …and the obvious use of “time” in titles

There are three levels for ringing in our 2023 Festival. The Copper level is split into two to better reflect the range of ringing abilities within this large division. There is a Copper A section (level 2), and a Copper B section (level 3). Directors and ringers are strongly encouraged to assess at what level they are most comfortable ringing. 

Tin choirs are invited to participate as an Observer on Saturday which allows participation in one workshop, watch rehearsals, a mini ring and attend the final Festival performance.

Please remember that all Choirs will have to purchase MASSED music. 

To make the most of your ringing experience at the It’s About Time Festival, please also note that all choirs or individual ringers are very strongly encouraged to have performed their various divisional and massed music repertoire before coming to festival. 

Directors are encouraged to take note of the following guidelines and be advised of the difficulty level of the Mass choir music.  All choirs are encouraged to participate in all the massed music selections, but it would not be a problem if a choir chooses to sit out on a piece of the massed music.

Copper A Choir music is level 2.

Copper B Choir music is level 3.

Bronze Choir music is level 4.

Massed Choir music is level 2 - level 3 difficulty  

GOLD CHOIR (track)

Music is level 5 

The Gold Choir music will consist of only one piece at this level. 

Shock Wave by Jason Krug is an explosive-sounding, high energy level 5 piece. It will be conducted by Lisa Kyriakides. Check out the listening link here and rehearsal notes here.

The Gold Choir—to which a ringer may apply to play—will be rehearsing in a room separate from the main ringing floor but will perform in the final concert.

Anyone interested in applying to ring in the Gold Choir (to a maximum of 13 ringers) will be required to submit a recommendation of their conductor and be able to play at level 5.  As well, it will be crucial for the selected ringers to prepare the music before arrival, and have their individual parts well learned.

Click here for an application form. Ringing in the Gold Choir may not allow you to take as many workshops, as rehearsal time will be held during some workshop times.


Mini Ring concerts are held during rehearsals on Friday and Saturday for all attendees to enjoy. Concert time is limited, so please get your application in as soon as possible to ensure you have a change to ring! Participation in the Mini Ring concerts is based solely on the date we receive your completed application to perform until all performance slots are filled. Click here for an application form.

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