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Handchime Loan Project - Overview

Note: This project is directed to non-OGEHR or lapsed OGEHR members.

What is included in this program at no charge to the participants?

  • The loan of one set of handchimes (3, 4 or 5 octaves) for 1 year 
  • The loan of foam for the handchimes for 1 year
  • A full set of two pieces of music suitable for handchimes
  • A clinician who will work with the ensemble 4 times during the loan period
  • Participation in a virtual handchime concert on March 4, 2023 and at their groups regular location
  • Rental of the A/V equipment for the March 4, 2023 concert
  • Access to a Master conductor for the March 4, 2023 concert
  • Access to the online mini concert that they are performing in
  • As members of OGEHR the participants will have access to all member benefits, including the Music Lending Library 

What is the responsibility of the participant groups?

        • The participant group must join OGEHR, and at the time of the project be a group member in good standing in OGEHR
        • The participant group must provide proof of insurance 
        • The participant group must agree to participate in the March 4, 2023 concert
        • The participant group must agree to learn and perform the two massed pieces in the concert
        • The participant group must also agree to perform one additional piece of their choosing to be sent in as a pre-recorded video.
        • All members of the participant group must sign photo and video release forms
        • The participant group must keep the instruments in good condition 

Handchime Loan Program Policy for 2022/23

Where, in this policy, reference is made to OGEHR or the Guild, such reference is understood to mean the Ontario Guild of English Handbell Ringers. Contact regarding the Instrument Loan Program will be made through the Instrument Loan Coordinator and the Programs Committee of the Guild.

        1. The Applicant must be a duly authorized representative of (i) a school, (ii) a church, (iii) an institution, or (iv) a community group. The participating group (choir/ensemble etc.) must be a group member in good standing of OGEHR. A membership fee must be paid before instruments and ancillary equipment (herein after referred to collectively as ‘the instruments’) are provided on loan to the applicant. The members of the participating group must hold a one-year affiliate membership with the Guild. For more details on membership, please visit: https://ogehr.ca/membership/ 
        2. Before the instruments are provided, the Applicant must provide proof of insurance based on the current replacement value of the instruments provided.
              1. Malmark 3 octave handchime set - $3,200, plus shipping, brokerage fees & tax
              2. Malmark 4 octave handchime set - $5,200, plus shipping, brokerage fees & tax
              3. Malmark 5 octave handchime set - $8,300, plus shipping, brokerage fees & tax
              4. Foam pads with covers @$35 per pad borrowed.
        3. The Applicant shall store the instruments provided in a safe, dry and secure area.
        4. The Applicant shall ensure that all individuals using the instruments are taught the proper care and use of the instruments. When in use, the handchimes shall be played on at least 2-inch foam pads. 
        5. At the conclusion of the loan period, the instruments will be checked by the loan program coordinator for any condition problems or damage sustained during the loan period.
        6. The Applicant is responsible for any damage to the instruments during the loan period, and the cost of any repairs at the conclusion of the loan period.
        7. The loan period will be for one year—September 2022 to June 2023. 
        8. At the end of the loan period, the Applicant will return the instruments to OGEHR. The Applicant will be responsible for any shipping and/or transportation costs associated with the loan. If the Instrument Loan Coordinator is required to pick-up or deliver the chimes, a cost of $.61/km will be charged (as per the current OGEHR mileage reimbursement rate).

Applications are due by June 15th, 2022. All applicants will be notified by June 22nd, 2022.

Questions about OGEHR and activities? Contact communications@ogehr.ca
Question about Membership? Contact membership@ogehr.ca

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