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Festival 2019 Workshops

Getting Ready for Festival Workshops

Workshop Locations (map)

Read and Ring / Sight Ringing Workshops

Jeffers’ Music Available for Purchase

Workshop Handout Notes – Electronic Distribution

Want Another Workshop?

Getting Ready

Festival is just around the corner! If you are enrolled in workshops, here are a few things to keep in mind as you make final preparations.

It may be helpful to review your registration and workshop choices. If you’ve forgotten the details of your workshops, you can re-visit the Descriptions page for a quick refresher.

Checklist of personal equipment to bring for workshops:

  • ringing gloves
  • ringing glasses (if needed)
  • binder stands for music (note: risers are not provided in workshops)
  • stand lights
  • printed workshop handout notes (see Workshop Handout Notes)

In addition, the following workshops have specific requirements:

  • Boomwhackers – a collapsible music stand
  • Rhythm workshops (Syncopation, Mash-up) – a collapsible music stand
  • Yoga – a yoga mat; dress comfortably and bring water
  • Introduction to Four-in-Hand – any four bells from C6 up
  • Advanced Handbell Techniques (Bronze) – any four bells from C6 up
  • Line dancing – comfortable footwear; cowboy boots? Why not!

Workshop Locations (map)

The workshops are located in four different areas as indicated by numbered yellow boxes on the map above.

  1. R1 Building
  2. SC – Student Centre, 2nd floor
  3. H Building – 3rd floor (with elevator)
  4. R3 Building – Merlin House Residence (Homework Lounge)

All workshops can be reached indoors except for Merlin House Residence which is a two-minute walk across the street from the ringing floor. The green dotted line on the map indicates the indoor route to R1 and H buildings. Bright yellow directional signs will be posted to help you navigate, as well as posters of the campus map. The alternative (and fastest) route to R1 building from the ringing floor is to walk across the parking area in front of J Building, as indicated by the blue arrow on the map.

Read and Ring / Sight Ringing

Care of Music – Important: Please read

All the music used in the Read and Ring or Sight Ringing workshops is on loan from Jeffers Handbell Music. It must be returned to Jeffers in pristine condition, suitable for resale. Please do not put marks of any kind on the music and do not roll or fold the corners. If the music is damaged, we must pay for it.

Jeffers Music Available

The good news is that all the music provided by Jeffers can be purchased or ordered onsite at reduced prices.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Each ringer will have an order form at the start of each Read and Ring or Sight Ringing class.
  2. If you like a piece of music, record the catalogue number or title on the order form, and then hand the music back to the instructor.
  3. All music must be returned at the end of class.
  4. On Saturday afternoon, after workshops are finished, there will be a booth in the Marketplace where you may purchase the music on a first come, first served basis.
  5. You’ll need to provide your billing information, and if you have an account with Jeffers, please remember your account number.
  6. All purchases and music orders will be billed directly by Jeffers and must be paid by credit card only, even if you take the music with you. Music that is shipped will have shipping charges added to the total.

Available – FREE!! Jeffers Catalogues and Sample CDs

Jeffers has supplied a large number of free catalogues with sample CDs for you to take home. Each catalogue includes thumbnails of the music on the CD as well as a description and rating of each piece of music. These will be available in the Read and Ring and Sight Ringing classes.

Workshop Handouts

We’re trying something new this year – electronic distribution of workshop handout notes!

Not all workshops have handouts and some instructors prefer to use hard copy. However, some handouts will be sent electronically. Please check your email in the days before Festival, and if a set of handout notes arrives in your inbox, please print them off and bring them with you to your workshop.

We’re interested in your feedback on electronic distribution of handout notes. Let us know what you think.

Want Another Workshop?

Please Play Fair

If you did not register for a workshop, please don’t “crash” the class. Registered ringers have priority and unregistered ringers may be asked to leave if there isn’t enough ringing space.

If you would like to take an extra workshop, please ask for the “Last Minute Sign-Up Register” at INFO CENTRAL. Check out the workshops that have space available and if you’re interested, by all means sign up and join the class.

Care of Bells and Equipment

All the bells and equipment have been lent to Festival by bell choirs just like yours. Please handle everything with care – just as you would your own.

At the end of the last workshop, please help the organizers by packing up bells and chimes in their proper cases. Everything will be labelled and colour coded. Please – no Mix ‘n Match 🙂 !

See you at Festival – Happy Ringing Everyone!