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Facilities & Accommodation


The David Braley Athletic Centre and Burridge Gymnasium will be the centre of our festival ringing experience in 2017. You will enjoy:

  • an easy 6-minute walk from Hedden Hall
  • air conditioning
  • excellent acoustics
  • spacious ringing floor
  • audience capacity of 400-500
  • complimentary parking for concert goers
  • access to Marketplace and Silent Auction

ALL room reservations will be made DIRECTLY ON LINE through McMaster University Conference Services. To book accommodations click here. Direct email for this service is

  • All accommodations will be in Hedden Hall and Les Prince Hall if needed. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Lunch and dinner are included in the Festival registration fee (unless the “no meal” option is selected).
  • There are double occupancy rooms (2 single beds), as well as single occupancy rooms (1 single bed)
  • As in most old dorm accommodations, washrooms are shared among 3 or 4 rooms which make up a pod.
  • All rooms are equipped with free Wi-Fi. A special MACID password will be issued with your room key.

The normal check-out time at McMaster is 10:00 am.  Staffing and room cleaning/preparation schedules are based on this time. The Festival Committee requested a later check out time and the university agreed to an extended check-out time of 7:30 pm at a cost. This will enable those who require a room during the day on Saturday to be accommodated. The Festival Committee’s advice is to have all ringers from your choir staying in residence check out before the 10:00 deadline, except for 1 room. Choir members can then use that 1 room for luggage storage and for changing into concert attire. The extra cost could be shared by all choir members. Be sure to make those arrangements well in advance. Luggage can be stored behind the curtains in Burridge Gym before and after 10:00 am or 7:30 pm check-out.
The details of our arrangement with McMaster is:
• Late check-outs will be on a person-by-person basis, and must be confirmed when making the initial reservation.
• The check-out time will be extended from 10 am to 7:30 pm.
• This 9 and a half hour extension will be a $25 additional fee per person, for those in a double-occupancy room, and $31 additional fee per person, for those in a single-occupancy room.
• McMaster will not accept late-checkout requests past the registration closing date; and those who do not check-out by 10 am and did not select the late check-out option will incur a fee of $31 upon check-out.


Extra meal tickets will not be available for purchase by Festival non-registrants for any meals. Entry to the Festival eating area will be possible only to those persons with an electronic food card. Campus restaurants and food areas cannot be assumed to be open. It is important that ringers who have guests coming, particularly on Saturday evening for the Concert, communicate this to their guests and ensure that they are aware of the many restaurants along Main St. West and King St. West, near McMaster. and dinner will only be provided for festival registrants. All meals will be at CENTRO@Commons Building. It will be of utmost importance that all registrants follow the staggered meal schedule set for them, to allow for all registrants to be serviced in a timely fashion.

Registrants should advise McMaster of any food allergies at time of accommodation booking. Make note of these allergies when preparing your Festival registration as well.



Festival parking passes MUST BE PRE-ORDERED AND PRE-PAID by following the link at the end of these instructions. Your passes will be in your Choir’s Festival Registration bag at Registration.

Parking details: $10/vehicle/calendar day. Available in one, two, three, four or five-day passes. $10 pays for midnight to midnight. E.g. Someone entering Thursday afternoon and leaving Sunday morning will need to purchase a $40 four day pass. It is highly recommended that each choir preplan their car pooling to spread the cost among their group.

Festival registrants parking procedures:

  1. Initial entry into parking lots: press button on machine at gate to receive a parking pass. Gate will open. Car enters. This is NOT the Festival parking pass and can be immediately discarded.
  2. Obtain Pre-paid Festival Parking pass: in Choir’s Festival registration package
  3. Exiting parking lot: use Festival parking pass in machine to raise gate. Further entries into parking lots: use Festival parking pass in machine to open gate.

Festival Concert Guest parking procedures: There will be no charge for Festival Concert guests on Saturday evening. However, in order not to pay a parking fee, guests must bring the parking pass that the parking lot machine has provided, to a desk inside. It will be exchanged for a Festival Concert parking pass. This pass will allow guests to leave the parking lot at no cost.

Parking locations and directions will be provided shortly before arrival.

Follow this link to purchase your parking pass.


Lost or unreturned room keys – $160 (need to be re-keyed)
Lost or unreturned building entry keys – $25
Lost meal cards – $10 to replace

For more directions to McMaster please visit the campus map here: McMaster map.