Starting in 2017, the traditional “Tradeshow” will be renamed “Marketplace” to reflect the changing nature of our vendors. Over the past few years, American vendors have experienced increasing difficulty, crossing the border with their goods. In addition, there are fewer Canadian vendors especially in Ontario, who are able to attend. While we will continue to look for vendors from whom ringers can purchase various hand bell related merchandise, our aim is to host a variety of craft items as well. If you know someone we should contact to be part of the 2017 Festival Marketplace, please contact Margaret Merkley at or telephone 613 532 8490.

Barbara Peaker, Malmark Bellcraftsmen
She will be selling a large quantity of Handbell sheet music as well as gloves, accessories, giftware and replacement parts. She will also have some Malmark items such as the cymbells and cajon on display, available for purchase by ordering.

Crafts by Barbara Neal and Friends
Looking for bell themed items? Barbara and her friends will have table runners, music bags, small zippered bags, and bell earrings and necklaces for sale. In addition, they will have a variety of quilted items.

R.E.A.D. On Bookstore
Books are our main product. We carry large print Bibles, devotional books, books on worship, hymnals, children’s books, box cards, bible studies and stationary. Our website is

Handbells etc. – Susan Galloway and Camille Ream
Handbells Etc. is a Canadian company located in Edmonton, Alberta. Associated with the Western Canada Malmark Sales Representative, Handbells Etc. retails handbell music and accessories as well as a host of “etc” items! Special to this year’s event is the addition of our “CAMPAYNE FOR LAYNE” fundraiser. Layne is our 6 year old nephew with Cerebral Palsy. Layne’s family and friends have been working hard to tye dye gloves to raise funds for his care needs. Check our website for details at

pots by ann –   Shop a wide variety of decorative hand crafted pottery made for everyday use. Go to “Pots by Ann” Facebook page for more samples. 416 434 8354

Jewellery by Jan – Hand-woven sterling silver chainmaille jewellery. Go to “Jewellery by Jan” Facebook page to see some of her work.

Bells and Whistles – The Winfield sister duo brings you versatile bell bags and other indispensable ringing accessories!

Music Lending Library – When you visit the Marketplace, please be sure to stop by and browse through the Lending Library music collection. There are many titles available from beginner to advanced music. Four pieces may be borrowed for up to a year at no charge! This is a great opportunity to try out some new repertoire. Also, if you have any music you would like to donate please bring that along as well. Here is a link to the Library collection for a preview.

Handbell Services, Inc. – Dearborn, MI 48223, Susan and Dave Berry.  (Friday only)

oxxLife –  Safe, legal, drug free performance and wellness products. Sock and insoles for all walks of life. Come experience the difference. Heather Livingston

We have been very fortunate to have two registrants offer to help ringers maximize their playing skills through massage and Reiki therapy. Although not a registered massage therapist, Ed Brown has used his effective and experienced massage skills to ease muscle tightness and pain for many ringers at past festivals. Jessie Cann is a First Degree Reiki Practitioner. Reiki is a form of energy therapy which can open and cleanse the energy within a person. Energy often becomes blocked at injury sites, and releasing these blocks can help improve relaxation and healing, and relieve pain. Reiki does not require contact to work.

Ed and Jessie will be available in the Festival Marketplace on the upper mezzanine, in the Burridge Gym at various times throughout the Festival. Sign-up sheets will be available at Info Central that indicate the times at which each therapist will be available. This is a generous offer from each of these individuals and, although they offer their services with no expectation, tips would be graciously accepted.


The success of the silent auction at our OGEHR Festivals has motivated the Festival Committee to expand the scope of this event for UNITED WE RING From C to C to C. The three part auction described below is the result of much brainstorming and discussion.



Joan Bolam has written many corporate head offices requesting contributions. We are optimistically waiting the responses. If you have a business contact willing to donate something for the silent auction table, we can provide a letter for you to give to the business, to enable them to use their contribution as a charitable donation. Just contact Joan Bolam at for that letter. All proceeds from the sale of corporate and business contributions will go to OGEHR.


If you are one of the many talented OGEHR members with hand crafting talents and skills, you are invited to donate quality hand crafted items to the silent auction. Family and friends are also welcome to contribute. Item suggestions include: handmade cards, placemats, knitted items, woodcrafts, quilts, etc. with a minimum value of $20.00.  Please indicate the value/suggested price of each item. All proceeds from the sale of Handmade Crafts valued under $50.00 will go to OGEHR. Larger items valued over $50.00 will be shared 50/50 between the donor and OGEHR.


Some need-to-know auction details:

  • Payment will be accepted by cash or cheque only.
  • A minimum bid will be placed on each item.
  • A ‘Buy Now’ option (80% of the suggested price) will allow the purchaser to pay a pre-set minimum ‘Buy Now’ price to own the item immediately.

Watch here for up-dated listings of auction items.