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Festival 2019


It is officially fall now, and for most of us, a new season of handbell ringing has begun. June 6-8, 2019 are the dates for the upcoming OGEHR Festival, Peace by Piece. The location is Fanshawe College in London. At this point, the music for the various music levels has been chosen, the workshops are being organized and the social events are being planned. Online registration begins November 1st.

All facilities at Fanshawe College are accessible and areas for practice sessions, workshops, meals and onsite accommodation are within close proximity.

Keep up to date with Festival information by reading the OGEHR Digest each week, and checking into the Festival 2019 section of the OGEHR website.

Consider coming to London in June. Talk it up with your fellow bell ringers. It looks to be another great event.

Gail Bowes
2019 Festival Coordinator

What’s in a Name? What’s in a Logo?

As the festival committee discussed ideas around creating the festival theme, many ideas flowed, but it was Peace by Piece that resonated with the group. The world is in turmoil and, if we are ever to find a real sense of PEACE, each of us needs to be a PIECE in achieving it. In our logo, designed by committee member Ken Whatman, the world is divided into a puzzle to illustrate this concept of shared, integrated, world-wide responsibility. Music can be an inspiration in support of justice, social issues and PEACE around the world. The playing of Handbell music PIECEs throughout the world and here in London this weekend exemplifies this ideal. The bells in the logo background support the concept of building a world together – Peace by Piece.