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Music for Peace by Piece has been chosen to illustrate our theme and showcases music from many different composers. The music chosen reflects the many moods of peace, which may be calming, or exuberant and joyous resulting from of acts of peace. Through playing music together piece by piece, we are hoping to share the peace that comes when everyone of different backgrounds and experiences comes together for the common goal of making music, and the peace that is formed through friendship and joint experience.

Please note that there is a change this year in the ringing levels. The Copper level has been split into two to better reflect the range of ringing abilities within this large division. There will be a Copper A section (level 2), and a Copper B section (level 3). Directors and ringers are strongly encouraged to assess at what level they are most comfortable ringing. The massed ringing pieces contain both level 2 and level 3 pieces to help with the broadest ringing abilities.

Please remember that all Choirs will have to purchase MASSED music. To make the most of your ringing experience at the Peace by Piece Festival, all choirs or individual ringers are very strongly encouraged to have performed their various divisional and massed music repertoire before coming to festival. Directors are encouraged to take note of the following guidelines and be advised of the difficulty level of the Mass choir music. All choirs are encouraged to participate in all the massed music selections, but it would not be a problem if a choir chooses to sit out on a piece of the massed music.

  • Tin Choir music is level 1 and has been chosen as playable on 2-3 octaves. Tin choirs will be rehearsing in a room separate from the main ringing floor but will perform in the final concert.
  • Copper A Choir music is level 2.
  • Copper B Choir music is level 3.
  • Bronze Choir music is level 4.
  • Gold Choir music is level 5.  The Gold Choir music will consist of only one piece at this level and will be announced shortly. The Gold Choir—to which a ringer may apply to play—will be rehearsing in a room separate from the main ringing floor but will perform in the final concert.
  • Massed Choir music is level 2 – level 3 difficulty.

If you have any questions, please contact: Terry Head at or 519-679-8182 ext. 3.

Information and application forms for the Mini Ring concerts will be posted in September.