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Book a Bell Choir

Looking for a Handbell Choir to Perform for Your Special Occasion or Function?
Many of our choirs would be happy to add a special touch to your next occasion or function. Tell us about your event and we will put you in touch with a choir near you.

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Getting Ready

Festival is just around the corner! If you are enrolled in workshops, here are a few things to keep in mind as you make final preparations.

It may be helpful to review your registration and workshop choices. If you’ve forgotten the details of your workshops, you can re-visit the Descriptions page for a quick refresher.

Checklist of personal equipment to bring for workshops:

  • ringing gloves
  • ringing glasses (if needed)
  • binder stands for music (note: risers are not provided in workshops)
  • stand lights
  • printed workshop handout notes (see Workshop Handout Notes)

In addition, the following workshops have specific requirements:

  • Boomwhackers – a collapsible music stand
  • Rhythm workshops (Syncopation, Mash-up) – a collapsible music stand
  • Yoga – a yoga mat; dress comfortably and bring water
  • Introduction to Four-in-Hand – any four bells from C6 up
  • Advanced Handbell Techniques (Bronze) – any four bells from C6 up
  • Line dancing – comfortable footwear; cowboy boots? Why not!