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A message from OGEHR and Guidelines from the Handbell Industry Council / Ontario Provincial Government Proof-of-Vaccination 

Directors and ringers alike have been anxious to get back ringing but wonder when it will be safe to gather, and when we do, what safety practices should be followed. There is a myriad of dynamics at play for each choir that need to be respected:

  1. The regulations determined by your Public Health Unit based on updated and current information, e.g., Directors should keep attendance at each practice.
  2. The recommendations given to you by your church leaders and/or community landlords.
  3. The nature of the physical space where your choir practices, how often you practice, and how many choirs practice back to back.
  4. The comfort zone of your choir director and choir members based on personal concerns, vulnerabilities, and age.

OGEHR received guidelines from the American Handbell Industry Council that outlines excellent suggestions to consider on how to ring safely during the pandemic. Participants at an OGEHR Zoom meeting in June, and Directors at a Board meeting in June, looked at these guidelines and felt they provide an excellent overview. While OGEHR is not officially endorsing these guidelines, each choir, in addition to following protocols developed by addressing the above considerations, is encouraged to read the Handbell Industry Council Guidelines to help develop a set of safe practices.

Additionally, as of September 22nd, 2021 the provincial government requires proof of vaccination for a number of settings. Below is the link to the provincial page.

One of the regulated areas is “concerts, music festivals, theatres and cinemas.”

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