Maddy's Handbell Minutes

The following videos are offered through the Education Committee of OGEHR. We hope that they will help you as a quick reference for some of the basic handbell techniques we use everyday when ringing.

In a minute or two Maddy Lang will show you a basic handbell technique in each of the videos below.

Maddy covers a number of topics to help us all become better handbell musicians. 

The following topics are covered:

Public Videos

Why Do We Wear Gloves?

How to Ring a Handbell

How to Stop a Handbell's Sound

How to Shake a Handbell

How to 'Mart' a Handbell

How to Pluck a Handbell

Member Videos

How to Thumb Damp a Handbell

How to Brush Damp a Handbell 

How to Echo Ring

How to Gyro Ring

How to do a Tower Swing

How to do a Controlled Diminuendo

How to do Singing Bells

How to do a Vibrato

Mallets 101: Selecting and Holding Mallets

Mallets 201: Using Mallets to Play 

Suspended Mallets

How to Ring Bass Bells

How to play a Hand Chime

How to Weave Handbells

How to Double Handbells

How to do 4 in Hand (Sequential Setup)

How to do 4 in Hand (3rds Setup)

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