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Thank You!

Thank you to all of our presenters throughout the 2021 year, during the pandemic. We have had 22 tutorials plus Q&A's and each of them has been wonderfully informative and incredibly well presented by our presenters. Those of you who participated in the Q&A's asked great questions and we now have a wealth of information available because of the time you gave to us.

Finally, a huge thank you to Man-Yee Sun, Marg Merkley and Rob Cairns for hosting the tutorials. Two or three weekends a month this season were devoted to putting all of this together. True devotion to handbells!

We hope you have enjoyed these presentations. All of the tutorials and Q&A's are still available below. Please do have a look. Hopefully some of the material here will assist you when you have a particular handbell question.


We are highlighting different tutorials each month throughout 2021-2022.

Watch for them in our weekly email tree. 

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Tutorial/Q&A YouTube Playlist

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