Virtual Handbell Project

In this unprecedented year, we have all been away from our handbell choirs and I’m sure many have been missing the opportunity to make music! Sometimes adversity gives rise to new opportunity. This was the case when Brittany McCorriston came to the Guild with an idea.

In the fall of 2020 Brittany asked for any OGEHR Members who wanted to try a Virtual Handbell Choir, to contact her. Thirty members from around the province decided that they wanted to give it a try. We are so pleased that Brittany and all of these Handbell musicians undertook this wonderful project!

The final video premiered, Monday, February 15th at 7pm. Below is the final video as well as the 'Sneak Peek' video that came out before.

The Virtual Handbell Project

VHR Promo

Audio Mixing and Video Editing by Brittany McCorriston. 

How was the project put together?

Have a look at the organizational webpages using the link below.

Virtual Handbell Project Organization

Want to organize your own virtual choir project?

Brittany is currently taking on new projects (all instruments/voice), inquire at

Thank you to all of the following handbell musicians from across Ontario who participated in the project!

Anne Bailey

Anne Ella-Arnold

Anne Warnica

Barbara Neal

Bonnie Howse

Debbie McMackin

Debi Sproule

heather nicholson

Janet Strome

Jennifer Bell

Jennifer Schafer

Joyce Hagarty

Kathy Baer

Laura Wells

Lisa Kyriakides

Lloyd Winfield

Lynn McKerlie

Margaret Merkley

Mary Loree

Nancy Birtch

Pat Innes

Ruth Pettis

Shirley Reinders

Susan Linley

And of course OGEHR wishes to thank Brittany for taking on this wonderful project.

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