Board of Directors

Director terms end at the adjournment of the Annual Meeting in the year listed after each Director’s name.

President Directors

J.-C. Coolen (’19)

President; Membership Secretary
Chair: Board

Margaret Merkley (’19)

Chair: 2017 Festival, Honorary Membership, Nominating

vacant (’19)

Past President


Mary Loree (’18)

Corresponding and Recording Secretary

Jennifer Bell (’20)


Joan Bolam (’20)

Chair: Area Representatives; Vice-Chair: Nominating

Janis Cowie (’20)

Chair: 2019 Festival

Terry Head (’19)

Chair: Programs, Fall Workshop

Yasmine Kherraji (’18)

Chair: Education

Ken Whatman (’19)

Chair: Communications

Linda Wilson (’18)

Chair: Governance

vacant (’19)

Chairs to be assigned:

Finance; Document Retention Review, Festival Bursary Policy