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Looking for a Handbell Choir to Perform for Your Special Occasion or Function?
Many of our choirs would be happy to add a special touch to your next occasion or function. Tell us about your event and we will put you in touch with a choir near you.

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Board Committees & Working Groups


Standing Committees

Member Terms: Generally, one year, ending at first Board meeting after Annual Meeting

Area Representatives

Terms of Reference Area Rep Chair: Joan Bolam

East AR: Judy King

Central East AR: Vacant 

Central AR: Sandra Thompson  

Central West AR: Mark Matterson   

South AR: Kathleen King Martin   

West AR: Joan Bolam

North East AR: Shirley Reinders 

North West AR: Vacant



Terms of Reference Communication Chair: Ken Whatman

Email Coordinator: Man-Yee Sun 

Newsletter Editor: Helen Coxon

Social Media Coordinator: Vacant 

Webmaster: Kim Leitch

Member: Janis Cowie

Member: Vacant 1

Member: Vacant 2



Terms of Reference Development Chair: Vacant

Member 1

Member 2

Member 3



Terms of Reference Education Chair:  Margaret Merkley

Member: Debbie McMackin

Member: Randy Mills

Member: Barbara Peaker

Member: Marjorie Slinn



Terms of Reference Governance Chair: Linda Wilson

Member: Nancy Bell

Member: Lloyd Winfield

Member 1


Honorary Membership

Terms of Reference: pending Vice-President (Chair)

Past President



Terms of Reference

Nomination Chair: Joan Bolam

Vice Chair: Janis Cowie

Central East AR: Vacant

South AR: Kathleen King Martin  

North West AR: Vacant



Terms of Reference
Program Chair: Terry Head

Instrument Loan Program Coordinator: Barbara Peaker

Music Lending Coordinator: Debi Sproule

Member 1: Rob Cairns

Member 2: Vacant


Ad Hoc Committees

Member Terms: Generally, for the life of the Committee

 2019 Festival

Terms of Reference Festival Chair:    Janis Cowie

Festival Coordinator:  Gail Bowes

Auction: Jennifer Schafer

Communications:  Mary Loree

Facilities & Accommodation :  Ken Whatman

Marketplace:  Barb Neal

Music:  Terry Head

Publicity: Merran Neville

Registration & Website:  Janis Cowie

Secretary:  Kim Leitch

Social & Youth:  Maddy Lang

Treasurer:  Lloyd Winfield

Workshops: Margo Tant, Lynne Current


 Fall Workshop

Terms of Reference  

Fall Workshop Committee Chair:  Terry Head

Fall Workshop Coordinator and Ottawa Site Lead: Lynne Current

Workshop Session Coordinator:  Marg Merkley

Greater Toronto Site Lead: Janet Benedict

London Site Lead: Cathie Banks

Registrar:   Ruth Baker

Secretary: Nathalie Poirier- Cox


Working Groups

 Member Terms: Generally, for the life of the Working Group