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Many of our choirs would be happy to add a special touch to your next occasion or function. Tell us about your event and we will put you in touch with a choir near you.

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Become a Member or Renew your Membership (2018-2019)

The added value for your choir to belong to Ontario Guild of English Handbell Ringers is that you are not alone! 


We have many benefits for members, which include:

  • Access to Members Only information on this website.
  • Inclusion in our weekly email tree, with valuable bell ringing information.
  • The ability to market your events to other like-minded individuals through our social media, website, Clapper Chatter, and email tree.
  • Learning experiences through workshops, area events and biannual festivals.
  • Access to a lending library, instrument loan program, and to clinicians to support your events.
  • Discounts and coupons for music businesses or workshops, and festivals.
  • Contact information for other directors, ringers and choirs will be available so you can be connected!
  • And the most important value for you is to have an opportunity to participate and contribute at the Guild Annual Meeting.
We welcome all persons interested in the mission and activities of OGEHR through Guild membership.

Memberships are valid for one year, from October 1 to September 30.

Before you Begin

What do I need to know before I start?
If you were a member of OGEHR last year, you have a log-in and password for our website. For the registration process to be straightforward, you should first log in to the OGEHR website. Go to the box at the top right of this page to log in (or visit
UPDATED: I don't know my OGEHR website password. Now what?

If you can’t remember your password, go to “” and click on the “Forgot my password” link. The website will ask you for the email address OGEHR has on file for you. Follow the instructions and you will be sent an email that guides you through the process of creating a replacement password.

If you tried to recover your password and were stuck in a loop that was taking you back to the initial password recover page, this issue has been resolved.

I’m a brand new member. What do I do about the password issue?
New member? No worries. You will be asked to create a password during the registration process. Be sure to keep it handy so you can log in to the website.
Why do I even need a password?
Your password will enable you to access members-only content on the website, as well as your account history.
Now that all this password stuff is out of the way, what do I do next?
If you’re logged into the site, navigate to the choir registration and membership renewal pages to begin your registration process.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, you may pay by credit card. Credit card payments are processed through our PayPal account.
Can I still use a credit card if I don’t have a PayPal account?
Yes, if you don’t have a PayPal account, select the PayPal/Credit Card option anyway. A PayPal log-in screen will appear during checkout. Toward the bottom you’ll see a secondary option to pay by Credit Card.
I have a PayPal account, but I’d rather not use it? What do I do?

Select the PayPal/Credit Card option during checkout. A PayPal login box will appear. Below the blue log-in button will be a light blue that says “Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card”. Click that button to process your credit card payment.

My payment has been processed. Now what?
Once our membership coordinator validates your payment, you will receive a confirmation notice. Your membership will then be active and you will be able to access our protected content.
Can I pay by cheque?
Yes, payment by cheque is an option. A mailing address is provided during registration should you choose to pay by cheque. It will just mean that it takes a little longer to validate your membership.

Joining OGEHR: Three Options

Choir & Director Registration

The Director of each choir will fill in the application for membership of your organization along with their own individual Director membership.

Should you direct for more than one choir or organization you will only need to pay once.

The cost for the organization is $90 plus the cost for the Director is $10.

Affiliate Membership

Each member of the choir may register their own information and pay through Paypal (or credit card). If you belong to more than one choir, you may choose which choir you pay your membership with.

Affiliate Membership cost is $10.

Individual Membership

If you are a lone ringer or supporter of OGEHR you will pay the individual rate, however you will receive the quarterly newsletter at no extra cost.

Individual Membership cost is $40.


Please ensure you’ve reviewed the FAQs above. If you have further questions regarding how to join or how to receive our added values to your membership, please contact Membership Secretary Ken Whatman by phone (519) 872-2026.
or email (