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      • Listen and practice playing along to the audio multiple times before you plan on recording.
      • Mark your music as needed, making note of any LVs, dynamic changes, and extended techniques. Refer to some of OGHER’s past workshops they have some great tips to help you learn and practice the music.  
      • Refer to the “Performance Notes” on the Recording Instructions page for explanations of fermatas, tempo changes, and extended techniques in relation to the play-along recording.
      • If you’ve never worked with a click-track before, practice trying to line your bell strike up exactly with the click. You can download and use this audio track to practice lining up your strike perfectly with the click.

Tips from Seasoned Recording Veterans

      • Smile 
      • Don’t make faces, the audience will know if you messed up 
      • Be patient, plan for multiple takes 
      • Always listen to the full recording before submitting 
      • Anticipate the beat and begin movement before the beat so you can strike perfectly with the click


Do I need to have headphones like the one you used in the video or are earbuds okay? 

        • Earbuds are fine, you need to be using some kind of headphones while recording but the type (earbuds, over-ear, on-ear, ext.) doesn’t matter. 

What if I don’t have the music? 

        • Please double check with your choir that you do not have the music. This piece was a massed piece in the 2011 provincial festival so it’s possible your choir already has a copy. For choirs, it is possible to purchase a digital license through Handbell World where you can download as many copies as needed instantly. If you are an individual not currently associated with a choir, please contact to discuss your circumstances. 

Why is there a metronome click all the way through?

  • Because we don’t have a conductor, musicians need some kind of time keeping to help them stay in sync. This is especially important when everyone is recording from different places. The click helps everyone stay locked into the rhythm. 

I’ve done recording like these before and am familiar with the process, do I have to follow these instructions. 

  • These are just guidelines, if you’re familiar with remote recording and working with a click track, record with whatever equipment and method you are comfortable with as long there is audio and video submitted how you did it doesn’t matter. 

What if I make a mistake? 

  • Mistakes happen and for this reason plan to do multiple takes. It’s very rare to get it perfect on your first try. It is common practice to do a couple recordings, listen back and then send in the best one. 

Why do I have to record with headphones? 

  • You must record with headphones because we only want your bells to be heard in the recording and not the reference track. The reference track is only a reference meaning it will not be a part of the final recording hence why it should not be heard in the recording you make. 

What happens after I send in my recording? 

  • After you send in your recording, all of the audio files will be merged together to form the virtual choir.

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