Virtual Handbell Project

Looking for an opportunity to play? Here it is! Join OGEHR's Virtual Handbell Choir!

We are still looking for players (particularly bass bells) but we now have 30 people signed up.

Brittany McCorriston has been playing handbells for over ten years and is working towards a Bachelors of Music in Contemporary Writing and Production from Berklee College of Music. Brittany specializes in music notation and editing and is currently an assistant editor for Berklee Press where she has worked on over 15 different publications. Brittany has a passion for teaching and believes that fluency in music technology is beneficial to all music learners.

Brittany will be presenting a video tutorial about this project on 

Sunday, November 22nd @ 7pm, followed by a Zoom Q&A

This session is for directors and individual ringers who want to learn about how to get involved. This project will involve ringers recording their individual part whilst playing along to the selected piece that will then be combined to form a virtual choir. This session will outline the timeline for the project, how to record at home (For FREE!), how to sign-up and more!

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