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Board-Appointed Positions

Position terms end at the adjournment of the Annual Meeting in the year listed, or at the date listed, after each position or position holder's name.

Area Representatives

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East Representative (’17)

Gail Bowes


Central East Representative (’19)

Cheryl McFarlane


Central Representative (’18)

Sandra Thompson


Central West Representative (’17)

Charles Black


South Representative (’19)

Kathleen King Martin


West Representative (’18)

Joan Bolam


North East Representative (’17)

Shirley Reinders


North West Representative (’18)



Email Coordinator (’17)

Man-Yee Sun


Social Media Coordinator (’18)

Barb Cogan


Newsletter Editor (’18)

Helen Coxon


Webmaster (’17)

Barbara Bolte



Fall Workshop Coordinator (2018-11-30)

Lynne Current


2017 Festival Coordinator (’18)

Mary Loree


2019 Festival Coordinator (’20)

Gail Bowes



Audit Coordinator


Handbell Guilds of Canada Representatives

Voting Representative

vacant [President] (’17)



Non-voting Representative

J.-C. Coolen (’17)


Additional Representative

Barbara Neal (’17)



Instrument Loan Program Coordinator (’18)

Barbara Peaker


Music Lending Coordinator (’18)

Debi Sproule